AXA Partners secured another huge business deal

Our new venture is nothing short of a game-changer for AXA Partners. We have agreed to expand the cooperation with our longtime (since 2016) trusted business partner AAA Auto. On top of our existing CLP solutions, we will now be offering Medical Assistance (such as teleconsultation and access to medical specialists) to its customers, protecting not only their finances but their health as well.
The potential is immense. AAA Auto is the used car market leader in the CEE region and one of the biggest used car dealers in Europe with over 80 000 sold vehicles per year and further international expansion on the horizon.

From a business perspective, this gives us an opportunity to participate in a much bigger market with an estimated potential of in millions Eur annually while at the same time leveraging CLP map presence in the region.

How it happened

Our partners’ customers are mostly middle-class working families who value the safety not only of their cars but their families as well. By expanding the coverage scope, we are meeting their demands for greater safety and peace of mind. Our ability to come up with a unique solution tailored to the needs of a specific type of customer in a very competitive automotive market made this deal possible.

This is our first deal combining the CLP and Assistance solution. Therefore, the approval process was quite challenging, with a lot of obstacles to overcome. But thanks to the combined effort of our devoted teams, we have overcome all of them.

Special thanks go to:
  • Sales team CEE
  • UW team CLP led by Pierre Holstein
  • Local TEX team led by Pawel Zielinski
  • Legal team led by Lukasz Szczepaniak
This deal further cements the strength of AXA Partners brand and is proof of our ability to come up with innovative solutions and implement them on a very short time scale.

Next steps 

Our primary focus will now be the promotion of this new insurance product, given the fact that it is optional. The challenge now lies in communicating its benefits to the right audience. This includes roadshows and various other promotional activities to maximize the market penetration rate.

We also believe there is still an enormous untapped potential that we can harness. Several other projects are currently being discussed as we keep our eyes on the growth of our company and broadening the scope of our services.

“Besides the solutions already in place, there is still space for three – or even four – solutions that would support AAA Auto strategy and customer needs,” commented Tomas Mrnka, our Sales Director for Central & Eastern Europe.

Wish us smooth sailing! 
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