Informace o používání webu a cookies

AXA Assistance works with various partners and service providers and allow them processing data via cookies. List of those partners is described above. With some of these partners, we are joint controllers within the meaning of data protection law (Art. 26 GDPR). This joint responsibility generally relates to the collection and transmission of data to them. A current list of those partners with whom we are jointly responsible is available on request. We and our partners have divided certain tasks and activities among each other within the framework of joint responsibility. The division is as follows:
AXA Assistance will take care of obtaining consent and/or the implementation of transparency requirements towards you. AXA Assistance passes this information on to selected partners, in order to communicate the scope and permissibility of the data processing. This includes informing you about such cooperation in the AXA Assistance privacy policy. AXA Assistance is provided by our partner with a technical solution (here tag, pixel or cookie) which is integrated on the website. This tag enables the collection of the data described in more detail above. Each of the parties shall in particular ensure that the necessary data security is given.